Maudlin Mundane

It’s both sad and beautiful how we develop such maudlin attachments to the most mundane things.

The good night messages
The blue water bottle
Last month’s list of essentials
The broken slipper
The bindi on the bathroom mirror
The toothbrush
The ringtone
The half-eaten Dairy Milk in the fridge
The yellow embroidered pillow cover
The pencil
The fridge magnet
The coffee mug
The newspaper
The haldi-stained t-shirt
6:17 pm at the balcony
The money plant by the window
The scissors
The TV remote
The half-read book
The hair gel
The chair
The keys
The bag
The photo frame
The identity card
The missing button
The watch
The painkiller
The laptop
The stapler
The lighter
The radio
The song

— that once belonged to them

The Dark Dungeon

I’m sitting on my bed with my laptop, staring at the screen – blank!
There are countless thoughts going on in my head right now, yet I don’t know what I want to write about.

These days, I don’t seem to feel anything at all, but then sometimes, I feel everything all at once.

My country’s battling COVID, or should I say, losing to COVID. The current state of India is nothing less than everybody’s worst nightmare. And the government is a joke. Hah!

As dark, negative or hopeless as it may sound, but I see death everywhere. Every day, we hear news about someone or the other we know, losing their lives to this deadly virus. And then, the fear grips my heart – the fear of losing the ones close to me.

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What is love?

So yesterday, someone asked me if I’ve ever been in love.
Thank goodness, this was on WhatsApp. Had she asked this in person, she would have been taken by surprise, for I was blank. Totally! I chose not to reply. You see, it’s convenient to avoid conversations when you don’t have to look at someone in the eye.

But I kept asking this question to myself. Have I ever been in love? I did not have an answer. And this gave rise to a new question – what is love, after all? I did not have an answer to that either. How do you define something that is so abstract? Love can mean different things to different people.

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WhatsApp forwards और Instagram DMs से बहुत दूर कहीं एक दुनिया है,
जहाँ दिल का हाल एक ख़त में लिख कर बयां किया जाता है, emoticons भेज कर नहीं।

Likes और last seen के चंगुल से आज़ाद एक अलग ही दुनिया है
जहाँ छोटी-छोटी बातों को जोड़ कर कहानी बनाई जाती है,
बस stories पर react कर के forget किया जाता नहीं।

क्या तुम हो उस दुनिया में?

Chalte chalte

“Tumhe nahi lagta ki lehron ki awaaz har baar kuchh alag hoti hai?”

“Han, jaise har baar samandar se koi nayi khabar laati ho…
– Ek chaand yahan bhi hai.
– Par taare kayi zyada.”
– Aaj chhoti machhliyon ne ek badi machhli ke khilaaf nikala morcha.
– Goldie machhuaron ke jaal se phir bach nikli.
– Preeti ka message in a bottle ‘Sea Courier’ ne reject kar diya.
– Aaj ke liye bas itna hi! 1012 shells ke saath, Beach Reporter, Sea News!”

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The Joke

A good enough reason why I picked up this book is the cover and the font. Something at the @kitabkhanabooks told me that I have to read this.

The Joke is written by the Czech writer Milan Kundera and published by @faberbooks. Unlike the title, the novel does not contain any jokes and is not even mildly funny. But you know how when we are frustrated, we sometimes say ‘BC zindagi mazak ban gayi hai’? Well, that’s what this is!

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Messy is beautiful?

And maybe that’s why
we all try to mingle with the rest.
Strive hard to be like them or the best.
You see, there’s always this fear
of being judged or getting outcast.
And so we..
Put our emotions in an air-tight bottle
and sail it away.
Keep our feelings hidden
like that age-old rose
inside a childhood diary,
which is never to be found.
Lock our desires in a safe forever
and then misplace the key.
Filter our words so much
that most of the times
there’s nothing left to say.

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The Forty Rules of Love

“Bountiful is your life, full and complete. Or so you think, until someone comes along and makes you realize what you have been missing all this time.”

The Forty Rules of Love written by Turkish author Elif Shafak and published by Penguin Books, is about realizing the value of love and life. As the title suggests, the book has forty rules of love about life and religion (here Islam) that are intricately woven across the story of true companionship between Shams-of-Tabriz and Rumi. The book tells us how back in the 12th century, Shams came into Rumi’s life and transformed him from a great scholar to a mystic poet.

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